Smart Media Publicity

My Business - June 2006

When a highly respected business/media mogul espouses the power of publicity – it’s time for small business owners to listen!

David Koch, who has worked in the media for 30 years and has a strong interest in small business outlined some key publicity tips for small business owners in his article in June’s issue of My Business.  Here is an exerpt:

“The media is incredibly powerful.  Businesses which understand that can reap the benefits, but businesses that don’t can miss out on vital publicity or even worse, attract negative publicity.  When I refer to ‘publicity’, I mean the sort of media coverage you can’t buy, it’s not advertising but it can be far more powerful.  One good news story or feature can generate just as much revenue as an expensive advertising campaign.

….here  are some of my tips:

  • Keep on top of issues, from global right down to those in your local community.  If you or your business has experienced or relates in any way to those issues, don’t be shy – let the media know!
  • The easiest way if you don’t have a direct journalist contact is via a short, sharp press release.  It should have a catchy headline, two or three key points and a quote from you.  Bear in mind that newsrooms get hundreds of these a week so the best way to make sure it at least gets read is to ring and find out the name, email and fax of the person it should go to.  Don’t be afraid to email AND fax; most PR consultants do.  (I have to say that I don’t, I only email then ring – PQ)
  • A press release should have all your contact details, remember that journalists generally work on very tight deadlines, so respond as quickly as you can or you could lose the opportunity. (So true! – PQ)
  • Building relationships with journalists is the best way to ensure longevity of your publicity attempts.  If you can become a spokesperson in your community, town or state for your industry or small business in general, you’ll find journalists will start to call on you regularly for comment.
  • Write pieces on your area of expertise and submit them to local papers and specialist magazines.

The key is to provide an angle.  No matter how interesting you think your business is, the very fact that it exists isn’t enough to warrant media coverage.”

So, for all of you thinking about publicity, here are a few great tips – straight from a guy who is not only a business and finance journalist guru, but has also owned a media company as well.

And if you are a small business owner in Australia, My Business is one of the great informational resources you should consider buying regularly, or even better subscribing to – I’ve been reading it for years and I lurv it!

Publicity Queen  Yours in publicity


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