Get Publicity with a Photo

ONE OF THE HOTTEST TIPS FOR GETTING PUBLICITY IS… a great photo can mean great publicity for your business!

If you’ve got the opportunity to create and/or capture a unique, unusual or intriquing photo that relates to your business – than take it and send it to the media!

Here’s an example and idea for you…

I’m doing some work for a company that imports a large range of industrial equipment, and to generate some publicity, we’re going to take a photo of the General Manager doing a star-jump in the middle of a fully loaded shipping container!

With this photo, we’ll make sure that it’s really eye-catching (just keep taking shots until you’re sure you’ve got one you can use) and we’ll link a story to the picture centering around the increased product range now available and ready for delivery within a 48-hour turnaround time.

Do we have a story without the photo – in a word, no!  The unusual photo will create interest to an otherwise bland (perhaps even boring!) story.

So, consider what photos you can create and capture for your business and how you could write a story to contextualise it.

Going back some years now, I remember the best-ever success I had with this strategy where I got NATIONAL COVERAGE for a client that was attending a trade show!  Outrageous, I know!

This client manufactured mobile heavy-vehicle hoists so, we put them into action and took a shot.  We had the company’s Sales Manager and a client sitting on the bonnet of a big Mack truck which was lifted more than one metre in mid-air by the hoists – we got coverage all over the country in every major trade magazine as well as some newspapers – it was covered everywhere!!! 

Are you attending a trade show and can you incorporate something a bit ‘outrageous’ that your trade magazines will pick up?

I’ll be expanding on this topic over the coming weeks with an indepth interview with one Australia’s most talented media photographers, so watch this space…

Publicity Queen  Yours in publicity


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