Publicity Mentoring

I subscribe to soooo many e-newsletters, e-alerts & e-zines etc so that I keep up to date with what’s going on in the entrepreneurship, business and marketing spheres all over the world.  

And I came across this from Go-To-Market Strategies

(n) mentor – a wise & trusted guide & advisor
(v) mentoring – a tool to nurture & grow people

Whether you’re a novice in sales and marketing, or a veteran with years of experience, having a mentor can drastically impact your success,  In fact, according to ASTD (American Society for Training & Development):

  • 75% of executives point to mentoring as playing a key role in their careers
  • productivity increased by 88% when mentoring was involved, versus only a 24% increase with training alone

With these stats, anyone can see the value of a mentor.  The more challenging issue is finding yours!

Well I was rapt when reading this!

Why you ask… because recently I introduced Australia’s first ‘Publicity Mentoring’ service and I can see my mentees getting similar results!

I think what they didn’t mention in those stats is how rewarding mentoring is for the mentor, not just the mentee.  I get a palpable thrill from mentoring because it’s the only opportunity that you can share your experience and knowledge in such a personal and helpful way – and I tell you that when a mentee gets publicity, I’m just as excited as they are!!

More power to mentoring is what I say!

Publicity Queen Yours in publicity (and mentoring)


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