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Getting the Right Media Contacts

One of my publicity mentees, Geof Harland of VAT Refund, has become a guru in getting media contacts!

He uses such a simple approach, but it’s so outrageously effective that I’m going to share it with you (he said it was ok!).

Geof does a ‘google’ search to source media ideas on where to send his media info – he then sends his chosen media an email asking them who is the best contact for his news release.  As you’ll see from the screen shot below, he gives the media a little bit of background on what the release is about, and wella!, the media responds with exactly the right person for Geof to send the information.

(Just click on the image for a larger version)

VAT Refund Email

How fabulous is this!

So, if you need to identify the best journalist within a particular magazine, newspaper etc, follow Geof’s lead and simply email them and ask them!

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