Australian Anthill – An Interview with James Tuckerman

As the owner of a small business it’s important to keep informed – your competitive edge depends on it.

Well a fantastic information resource for small businesses with big ideas is Australian Anthill.

Australian AnthillAustralian Anthill

Published: Bi-monthly

Price: $7.95

Available: Newsagencies & subscription

Circulation: 15,571

Readers: Business owners & professionals

James Tuckerman the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of this fabbo magazine has been kind enough to spend some time with me and give Publicity Queen blog fans the inside scoop…

PQ   What was the inspiration for starting Australian Anthill?
James Essentially, when we launched in September 2003, there were only two types of ‘consumer’ business magazines in Australia – big business magazines such as BRW, and little business magazines that focussed on the nuts and bolts of running a small business.

I wanted to create a business magazine that was targeted toward rapid growth businesses, companies with genuine global potential.  I wanted to create a new and vibrant business magazine for new and vibrant, ‘fast’ growth companies.  I wanted to help Australians understand that being entrepreneurial can be highly rewarding and that innovation fuels economies.

To do this, I needed to create a magazine that I thought would appeal to three core groups: entrepreneurs, investors and service providers.  In short, ideas, money and skills.

To build the appeal, it was my view that the magazine needed to be equally fresh and that if business can be fun, why can’t business journalism.

PQ Originally you were in PR, how did this help you in establishing the magazine?
James PR helped me to lobby, open doors and reach new audiences and this helped me to promote the magazine and importantly sell advertising space.

My PR skills also helped in relation to the development of editorial – I could isolate the most interesting angle even when the subject was otherwise uninteresting.

Finally, consultants in the PR world are required to churn copy and this helped me particularly with the first three editions of Anthill which I wrote from cover to cover.  I would spend my weekdays selling advertising, managing retail channels, organising subscriptions and looking after the general management of the business.  On the weekends, I would write stories at fever pitch – I couldn’t have done that without my PR background.

PQ In your opinion, what’s made the magazine so successful?
James In a nutshell, it’s the exciting content and the magazine’s unconventional personality.

Anthill provides an educational function but has also adopted a personality to reflect the attitudes of modern business owners who are young in mindset and vision, open and collaborative in their approach to commerce and fuelled by the process of creation, rather than mere wealth creation.

Well that’s it from James today, but in the next entry he’ll be giving us a sneak preview into the news hub of the magazine as well as the Editor’s contact details so that you can ring or email the magazine about your business.

So keep reading and spread the word among your friends who also want publicity – the next entry is too good to miss…

Publicity Queen   Yours in publicity

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