TV Publicity – The Golden Rule!

Let’s assume that you’re busy doing your own publicity and you’ve decided that you’d like to get some exposure on TV (ha, don’t we all!!!)…

Well, over the next few entries, I’m going to give you some great TV publicity tips.

The Golden Rule in getting TV publicity is to first think about your visuals – you have to be able to offer some colour, movement and interest – these are three of the very basic requirements to get your story on TV.  If you haven’t got these, you’re in diabolical TV publicity trouble!

Your story is more attractive to TV when you can provide some great viewing for the audience – even if you have a fantastic story, TVs’ interest will wane in a nanosecond if they can’t get good footage or a good interview to tape.

So consider how you can add some spark to your story for TV…

In the next post, I’ll show you how to incorporate this info into a news release.

Until then…

Publicity Queen    Yours in publicity


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