Media Alert for TV Publicity

OK, so you’ve got your angle for TV, here’s how you present it…

RSL Media Alert

There are a few key tips here to take note of…

1. The first paragraph is not only the news angle, but outlines the key visual attractions at the event.

2. Each of the following paragraphs follow the same formula.

3. The critical event information is clearly detailed in an easy-to-find and easy-to-read format.

4. The media alert also notes who will be available for an interview at the event.

5. Send your information to the Chief-of-Staff or News Director as early as you can so that they can put it in their ‘diary’ – you can then ring the station on the day or so prior to the event to check if you’re on the list.

6. Hold the event in the morning so that it gives each of the TV stations time to return to their offices and prepare the story for that evening’s news. (You’ll notice we held this event at 10.30am for this very reason).

So now you’re wondering if I got the media along to this event – in a word… yes! – each of the TV stations came to cover it.

Admittedly I had some big names to drop in this media alert on behalf of the RSL but don’t be too daunted if that’s not possible (although it certainly helps!!) – if you can offer something that’s unusual or emotive with the three magic keys (movement, interest & colour – let’s call this the ‘MIC’ factor) then it’s worth consideration as the rewards can be outstanding.

Publicity Queen   Yours in publicity


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