Media Angles – A Real Business Improvement

I think one of the greatest barriers that small business owners find in getting media exposure, is trying to determine what angle they can use to get publicity…

Well, the first tip is to think about your business from both your target market’s point of view as well as a journalist’s point of view.

Firstly consider what type of information will appeal to your target audience – perhaps a new product range, a new service delivery method, a new shop has opened…

And then from  a journalist’s perspective, what is going to make this newsy?  Well, it’s the story behind the new business development (eg, you’re the first to carry/produce the new product range, you developed a new service idea based on many years of frustration etc). 

So your media angle is not the fact that you have a new product range, it’s the fact that you are the first to have it, you travelled India (or somewhere unusual??) to source it, you designed it, you now have the most extensive range of the product in the country/state/local area …

Do you see the hook?  The journalistic hook is the point of interest behind the business improvement rather than the business improvement itself.  Are you with me?

If you’ve got any questions, send me an email or a comment – perhaps I can find a hook for your business…

Publicity Queen   Yours in publicity


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