Margaret Gee’s Media Guide – Free!

Here’s some absolutely glorious news.  You can get free access to Margaret Gee’s Media Guide!

What’s Margaret Gee’s Media Guide you ask?…

The Media Guide is a comprehensive listing of all newspapers, magazines, tv and radio stations in Australia together with key journalists’ contact details for each.

The Media Guide is an absolute must for any small business who is serious about doing their own publicity.

Margaret Gee's Media Guide (This is a screen shot of the Media Guide)

And how do you get it for free you ask?…

This is the great news!  Some public libraries buy a subscription to the guide and then if you’re a member of the library, you can access it remotely through the internet. 

Yes, how good is that – you don’t even have to leave the office to get it!

So just contact your local library (and if they don’t have it check out a few libraries in your surrounding area) and see if you can get the media guide online for free.

For example, the Richmond library in Melbourne has a subscription which means that any person in Victoria can join this library and start using this most incredible publicity resource.

So get on the phone and check it out…

Just love it when I get some great info to share with you!

Publicity Queen   Yours in publicity



  1. steverose76 Said:

    sweet as… i was just about to pay $550!!!

  2. Ruth Said:

    Thank you so much, it’s really appreciated that you’ve shared this info!

  3. Kristin Said:

    Sadly now it would appear that this has been clamped down on (at least in NSW) and you have to go into the libraries to use the resource.

  4. Bree Said:

    Just tried to get the online copy at Richmond Library and it appears it is no longer available. Any other suggestions? Thank you kindly

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