Pictorial Editors – We Love ‘Em

Here’s a great tip for you budding small business publicity seekers…

When you have a great publicity photo idea, ring the Pictorial Editor of your local or state metro paper – it’s as simple as that!

That’s exactly what I did for one of my new clients, Catmax.

Catmax specialises in making enclosures for our feline friends and one of their most recent jobs was to install a custom-designed Clearnet enclosure on a boat on the Gold Coast – well, what a great photo opportunity!

So I made a cold call to Grahame Long, the Pictorial Editor of the Gold Coast Bulletin who liked the idea.  He then passed it onto Jenny Rogers, a journalist with the paper who then covered the story.

The story ran with two pics on Boxing Day in Brian Mossop’s column – fantastico!

Here’s the coverage: Gold Coast Bulletin Publicity 

(click on image for larger version)

So, it really does work!

I think Pictorial Editors are often overlooked – but if you can offer them a great pic, then you could well be fast-tracking your way to some major media exposure.

Now it’s your turn – what’s your photo?

Publicity Queen   Yours in pictorial publicity


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