Valentine’s Day – Love Media Angles

Hello. I’m back from my beachside sojourn – had a fabulous time but now it’s back into publicity, publicity, publicity!

Valentine's Day PublicityAs we all know it’s Valentine’s Day next week so I thought we should have some fun (and try to get some publicity in the process!)

Let’s have a competition… see how we can link your businesses into Valentine’s Day and get some media coverage. We all get a bit ‘over’ the mundane V Day, so let’s spice it up a bit with some inventive small business stories.

As an example, I have a publicity business so what’s an imaginative, newsy, attention-grabbing link that will get the journalists intrigued?

I’ll do some ad-libbing of some possible headlines here…
Valentine’s Day – A Big Publicity Stunt
Queen Suggests: Expose Yourself To Get Noticed On Valentine’s Day

OK, so there’s just a couple – how can you link your business to Valentine’s Day and make it attractive to the media?

If you want some help, simply post a comment and perhaps all of us can help you out – BUT YOU BETTER BE QUICK because V Day is next Wednesday and the timing is tight. And just remember, we’re thinking radio, tv and newspapers here so our angles have to have some bite.

Publicity Queen    Yours in publicity (and Valentine’s Day)


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