Busy Mothers are on TV

Well I have some very inspiring news for all you small business owners…

Here’s how it goes – make a personalised approach to a magazine and get a three-page spread, then from that, get picked-up by another magazine and if that isn’t enough, get picked-up by prime time TV! That’s exactly what happened to one of my clients!

Busy MothersCatherine Lockhart and Gillian Cornwell of Busy Mothers are not only busy mothers, but also busy publicists!

Catherine and Gillian became mentees of mine after they successfully got great coverage in the fabulous Notebook magazine. They became addicted to publicity and wanted more, more, more – so they called me (bless them!).

Well through their own doing, they are now going to be on Channel 7’s Today Tonight program. I’m soooo excited for them.

And here’s some of the advice I gave to them for their tv debut…

  • Pick three key messages about your business and continually refer to these points
  • Highlight any interesting statistics from your business (eg. in a survey they recently conducted, 20% of women’s major priority is to become more organised)
  • When talking about your product, speak about its benefits as well as its features
  • Personal presentation is paramount – check if TT is going to do your hair and make-up and if not, then hire a stylist (first impressions count – particularly on national television!)
  • Think of some great visuals for the reporter (the reporter will really appreciate this)
  • Be proud and confident about your business to help overcome your nerves
  • Keep body movement to a minimum – absolutely, under no circumstances do we want to see waving around of hands!

So keep watching Today Tonight and let these two amazing women inspire you – not only to get a little bit organised, but also to get out there and get some publicity!


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