Wikipedia – What is Publicity?

I love a good snippet of information – and here’s a great one for all you publicity seekers..

This is an edited excerpt from one of my great internet loves Wikipedia. While it’s Wikipedia’s definition for ‘newsworthiness’ you can use it as a fabulous little checklist to see if your story idea has got what it takes to be considered as ‘news’.

To be considered newsworthy, an event usually must have broad interest in one or more ‘hard news’ values:

  • Effect (how many people were, are or will be affected?)
  • Timeliness (did the event occur very recently?)
  • Revelation (is there significant new information, previously unknown?)
  • Proximity (was the event nearby geographically?)

In recent years increasing weight has also been given to the following ‘soft news’ values:

  • Entertainment (does it make for a fun story?)
  • Oddity (was the event highly unusual?)
  • Celebrity (was anyone famous involved?)

Now, isn’t that a handy snippet! So next time you’re thinking about getting publicity, see if your idea meets any of the above news values.

Publicity Queen  Yours in publicity


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