Three Keys to Free Publicity

Well another absolute pearler of a snippet (I know, two in two days!)…

I went to a great event last night, it was a Networx event, organised by the fabulously vivacious Kimberley Palmer and it was all about how to ‘Maximise the Media‘.

One of the the four panelists was Raquel Stevens, the Senior Producer for ‘9am with David & Kim‘ which airs on Channel Ten on weekdays at 9am (surprise, surprise).

9am with David & KimHere is one of the best publicity snips I’ve ever heard…

Racquel said to: “Aim your stories at one of the three H’s – heart, hip-pocket or health“.

She says that these are the three themes that they cover regularly on the show. And if you think about it, lots of media coverage in all its formats give extensive coverage to these topics.

So, have you got a story that appeals to the heart, hip-pocket or is about health? It’s time to take a leap of faith and see if you can get yourself some publicity…

I’ve got more good goss from the session, so keep watching this space.

Publicity Queen Yours in publicity snips!


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