Publicity Tips Straight from the Journalists’ Mouths

Following on from my post on 28 Feb (yes, I know it’s been a while!!!) here’s some more great insights into getting publicity from the ‘Maxmise the Media’ event.

I’ve condensed all the info into the best tips from each of the journalists.

Ian Gilbert – Deputy Editor, The Age, M Magazine

We aim to be a nice Sunday read with good features – we work four weeks ahead and are always receptive to story ideas.

I prefer to receive emails and then you can follow it up with a phone call but to give you some idea, I receive about 100 emails a day and about 30 phone calls as well.

I suggest you make the Deputy Editor of a magazine your first point of contact and the other idea is the Editor’s PA too.

Be yourself and be communicable.

Justin Smith – Executive Producer, 3AW, Neil Mitchell Program

We look for a mix of news and our basic criterium is ‘do people care about the topic/issue’.

Emails are great. I receive about 200 emails a day and I like them to be personal with all the major story details in the first line.

I think relationships are important when trying to get publicity and it’s also important that you understand the program and the type of content that we cover.

You’re best to contact me or the Assistant Producer – we try to look at everything that comes in.

My expert list comes from having a relationship with the expert – to be one, you need to have talent and be accessible.

Raquel Stevens – Executive Producer, Channel 9, 9am with David & Kim

Our audience are intelligent women who want to be informed and we focus on issues that affect the heart, health or hip-pocket of our viewers.

Emails are the best starting point and then a telephone call and just make sure that you don’t ring while we’re on air – anytime after midday is fine.

I’m the best point of contact because I decide on what is going to be on the show and then assign the story to a producer. I’m a bit like the Chief of Staff for news – everything comes through me.

I have an expert list and an expert needs to be media savvy – I often source these from people I hear on the radio or see in the paper.

We won’t cover the same story in the same week. When you’re thinking of approaching us, you need to consider what the angle is and who you can provide to make it interesting.

We also work off events, for example, the Grand Prix and we’ll do stories that tie into it.

Hope this helps – it’s always good to get some inside info isn’t it!

Publicity Queen   Yours in publicity


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