1 Year of Publicity Blog – Celebrate with a Publicity Starter Kit

Do you know that it’s a year ago since I started the blog! I can’t believe it…

It’s really interesting because when I first starting tapping away, I think I was getting about three visits a day (if I was lucky) – I was out there basically blogging to myself!

Well a lot has happened in that year – on average, I now have more than 100 people reading the blog each day (I’m not breaking records yet I realise, but it feels great to know that I’m helping a small and growing part of the world!) and the other interesting phenomenon is this…

If you type in the word ‘publicity’ on Google and do a world search, guess who’s on the first page – in fact, I just did it then and I’m #2 after wikipedia!

Now that’s powerful!!! The SEO power of a blog is just amazing – so the good news for my 100+ readers is that I’m going to keep blogging about small business publicity and see what the next 12 months bring!

OK, now I want to celebrate (someone pass me the champagne) and to do that I’m going to give you a chance of winning my soon-to-be officially-launched Publicity Starter Kits.

As you may know I’m the publicity expert for the Sensis Small Business Big Opportunity initiative and as part of that I’m offering seven Publicity Starter Kits – well I will do the same here on the blog.

All you have to do is tell me in 25 words or less why you absolutely, desparately, must have Publicity Queen help you get free publicity for your business. Send an email to info@publicityqueen.com.au (I haven’t hyperlinked it on purpose – you can imagine the spam that would create – eeek!) with your answer and contact details and put Publicity Starter Kit in the subject line.  I’ll give a Publicity Starter Kit to the best seven responses, or would that be pleas?

Can’t wait to hear from you…

Small Business Big Opportunity bookPS. Just had another idea… for the first 25 people to enter, I’ll send you a copy of the Sensis Small Business Big Opportunity book which is jam-packed full of great marketing and advertising advice – and I’ll even sign it for you.

So get to it and let me know why YOU need publicity.

Publicity Queen Yours in Publicity Starter Kits


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