TV News Room – Channel 7

You’re looking at Channel 7 Melbourne’s news room…

Fantastic isn’t it! (Click on the photo for an even bigger version)

So now you know where your media information goes when you send it to a TV station.

I took these pics when on a tour of Channel 7 a couple of weeks ago hosted by the legendary voiceover man, John Deeks.

Here are a few more shots… (again, click on shots for larger versions)

Channel 7 Control Room News Reading Studio

John Deeks Channel 7 Group Shot

So there’s a small tour of Channel 7 Melbourne for you!

Hope you enjoyed it.

Publicity Queen Yours in publicity

PS. A big huge sincere thank you to John Deeks and Channel 7 for the tour.



  1. klarissa Said:

    Sally I’m dead impressed! Amazing blog, site, shop….

  2. Kimmy Said:

    Wow – did you have to sneek a camera in to get these top secret shots?

    Good stuff.

  3. joy frighetto Said:

    My year ten class and two teachers would like to tour your station how do we go about it? We didnt know about the last tour.

  4. joy frighetto Said:

    my year 10 class would love to tour your channel what do we do to book one ??

    • Said:

      Well it would have been a lovely thing for them they are now year 11and 12

  5. Said:

    Why no answer p

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