Top Editors List

AAP is one of Austalia’s leading providers of fabulous media stuff!  (yes indeedy, it’s the technical term!) and one of my favourites is their ‘Top Editors List’ which for the measley price of $55 +GST gives you instant access to around 200-plus top radio, tv and newspaper editors around the country.

So if you ever have some harder news (this is not the list for your latest product launch but rather something a little more serious) then this will be great for you.

Check it out here…

AAP MediaNetActually to be honest, if you want more info, the best way to get it is to contact Graeme Richardson direct at AAP (tell him the Queenie sent you!).  His contact details are:
T 03 9619 9302 or email him on gstephenson at aap dot com dot au.

I have to say that I love, love, love this resource too – seems like I’m having myself a love fest here with my last two posts – you may as well join in!

Publicity Queen    Yours in publicity


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