15 Minutes of Extra Fame

I’m doing some publicity for Claire Heaney’s book 101 Ways to Kickstart Your Business – no surprises there. What was a surprise was being asked to be involved in the filming of the segment to promote the book on Brisbane’s Extra show which airs on Channel 9 each weekday.

Yes, I’ve made my TV debut! And I could seriously become addicted – I think my love of the media could take on a whole new aspect!!

Here’s a link to the story on Extra’s website… Extra

Publicity Queen Yours in publicity


  1. Ray Said:

    Great post, where can we get the book from?

  2. Ben Angel Said:

    Hi Sally,

    Congratulations, the video clip was fantastic.


  3. Hi Ray
    You can get a copy of the book from any Dymocks store, or instead, contact Claire directly and she’ll sign a copy of the book for you.
    You can email Claire on heaneyc at heraldsun dot com dot au and her direct line at work is 03 9292 2011.
    Thanx, Sally

  4. Hello, I just purchased this book from Kikki K the other day and I must say it is amazing. I love it and just can’t put it down.

    It is one of the most inspiring business books I’ve read.


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