Are You Using the Internet to Get Publicity for Your Small Business?

According to an article on Smart Company last Friday, internet use in Australia is absolutely booming, going ballistic, skyrocketing – you get the picture!

So are you using this direct access to your customers to your best advantage? Are you posting media releases on your website aimed directly at this information-hungry, purchase-ready market?

As a small business owner, this is one gloriously sensational opportunity to be getting publicity with your target market – all you need to do is write news releases about your company, products, achievements, milestones etc etc in a journalistic style, post this information to a dedicated Media page on your site and watch the traffic .

Why is this strategy soooo important – firstly, because you’re making your website more content-rich and therefore more valuable for the search engines (ie. SEO) – and secondly, you can offer your target market highly targeted sales messages that will actually help them in their buying decision.

So pleeeease, start using your website as your own unique media channel – and let me know how you go – I’d love to get your feedback.

Anyway, here’s the full story about Aussie internet use…

Smart Company

Publicity Queen Yours in internet publicity


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  1. I think sites like Facebook have become such a big hit in Australia that internet use has taken off from there. I really agree with this article, small businesses have to take advantage of the internet and the exposure it can bring. The best way to do this, as the article suggests, is to launch a site with integrated web publishing to really drive traffic to your site.

    There are not many effective, integrated web creation tools but is one of them. I would advise any small businesses out there to check it out and seriously consider creating a site even if it is just to trial it.

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