Journalists Are Doin’ It For Themselves!

Well first there was Smart Company and now there’s The Sheet – that’s enough for me to declare a new trend!

The new trend is this: highly experienced and well respected journalists are leaving the stable of traditional media starting their own new media channels – this is just amazing and a fantastic opportunity for everyone (except perhaps their past employers!).

Check them out:

Smart Company  

started by Amanda Gome (ex BRW)

The Sheet  

started by Ian Rogers (ex The Australian Financial Review)

Why am I soooo excited you ask?

Because it is a breaking of the bonds of traditional media and we are now seeing exciting and fresh news content that is not beholden to the traditional rules of old media (read here: space based on advertising sold) which makes it notoriously difficult to get editoral – that is, with this innovative approach to news, it gives people like us much greater scope to get our stories told.

Let’s all go wild with excitment here because it’s a whole new era in media.

And let’s also give three cheers to these vanguard journalists – well done!

Publicity Queen   Yours in publicity


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  1. Kylie Said:

    And let’s not forget the new business and finance website to rival, started last year by a bevvy of famed, (now ex)Fairfax journos including the likes of Alan Kohler, Eric Beecher, Stephen Bartholomeusz and Robert Gottliebsen:

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