Google 10 Steps – SME marketing tools

Well I’d heard of the ’12 Steps’ before, and now Google has come along with 10!

10 Steps

10 Steps

Released exclusively through Australian Anthill magazine, Google has developed an online marketing tool for SMEs which is being tested in the Australian market – we certainly are the lucky country!

I’ve had a quick look through it and even though there is some slant toward developing an Adwords campaign (they could hardly resist could they?) there is value in the 10 Steps for small businesses who want to clarify their online position and goals.

As is my want to carry on about the importance of online publicity, this free tool will help you develop your online presence and priorities and the importance of driving your ‘findability’ – and basically that’s what you want and in broad brush terms, that’s my definition of online publicity – getting yourself FOUND.

So go check it out and do the exercise – I’d be interested to get your feedback…

Yours in PR



  1. So much work goes into advertising websites when more energy and effort should be made on making your website more customer engaging. As we all know it takes less expense to service an existing customer than always trying to create new relationships.

    Certainly a good intro to 101 Online Marketing with good Return On Marketing Investment but doesn’t do enough to emphasise the importance of building links and content search engine optiminisation

  2. Trisha Said:

    This is very useful information. Nifty tool. It;s a good idea to combine web marketing with sms marketing. provides this service

  3. It is important to be found and even more important to be found by the right people at the right time. That is where targeted online marketing comes into play. Defining the target customers and un derstanding their buying habits is fundamental to the success of an online marketing campaign.

  4. Little old now but still found this tool interesting especially since it was an Australian only trial. I think it goes without saying that all businesses should clarify their online position and goals if they have any hope of success. Planning online marketing strategies such as search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, building online brand recognition and more is crucial.

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