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Media Feedback

Well I was thrilled to receive the following email from the Editor of Groovy Grandmas – it seems that you guys that read this blog really take action!…

Dear Sally,
thanks so much for putting my information on your site.

We have had to date enquiries from Victoria, NSW and Queensland. Jucy vans were able to give us a prize of 5 days rental in exchange for a full page.

And just recently we were contacted by the PR company which represents Skype…all because of you.

This is message is not only to say thanks but to also let you know that the Groovy Grandmas print magazine will be in News Agents across Australia from tomorrow. In addition to this we have upgraded our site in line with the look and style of the new magazine. The first edition is an Annual – however we will be publishing GGs as a quarterly issue from 1st March 2009.

I would really appreciate you letting your readers know about these developments as we ARE interested in editorial and contra deals as well as general advertising.

Thanks again – and best wishes

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