PR is 55% of the News

Shrinking budgets for mainstream media outlets have led to more than half of all the news copy that we see, hear and read being sourced from messages provided by public relations, according to a joint study commissioned by Crikey and the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism.

Crikey and ACIJ Media StudyThe study found that more than 55 per cent of all copy they analysed from mainstream media outlets originated with a publicist or as part of a PR campaign.

In short, our news is now being sourced from PR practitioners more than ever, as news outlets locally, nationally and globally find their budgets for original copy and investigative journalism are shrinking, and reporters are now in essence forced to cut corners in order to fill space through third parties such as PR.

For PR practictioners,  this is good news as it means our messages are having real impact, and thereby generating good coverage on behalf of our clients.

We as public relations professionals must be watchful of our increasing role in generating the news and to manage this with integrity.

Publicity QueenYours in PR


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