Christmas is coming – are you ready?

Christmas will soon be with usWith the EOFY celebrations now a distant financial memory, here at Publicity Queen we are gearing up our preparations for Christmas.

With less than 150 days to go, it is a timely PR reminder for all of those companies wanting to secure product placement in monthly magazines that the time investigate Christmas editorial opportunities is NOW!  With these monthly publications running to a three to four month lead time, editors across the country are currently planning their festive ink.

For those of you who have products that would sit perfectly in special Christmas features, I advise you to ensure that you have excellent product shots and send these long-lead media a ‘photo sheet’ which has been professionally designed to highlight the products you’d like to promote – and don’t forget to include their price points.

Who do I send this to I hear you ask?  My advice is this… ring the Editorial Coordinator and ask who is managing their Christmas features, get their specific contact details and send your information to this journalist.  And to increase your chances even further, I suggest you include product product samples with your photo sheet so that the journalist can see the quality and scope of your products when they’re selecting their Chrissy wares.

And speaking of all things Christmas, don’t forget to give to the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal this year!

So, ’twill soon the season to be jolly… (and you’ll be even more jolly if you get some valuable Christmas PR!)

Publicity QueenYours in PR


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