3rd Party Endorsements – Ignore at Your Peril

When meeting with a prospective client recently, I was surprised to discover that although the company had a strategic corporate partnership with a prestigious quasi-government agency with a strong reputation in their field, this endorsement was not visible on any of their corporate promotional materials.

We won’t name names, but it got us here at Publicity Queen thinking about the power of third party endorsements and the potential for such endorsements to elevate the status of a brand/company/individual onto a whole new level.

While it is normal practice when writing one’s CV or resume to include one’s professional association memberships, how often do you do this for your own business?

If you are a member of a professional body within your field, whether it be PRIA in the field of public relations, the AMA for doctors or CPA for accountants, let your annual membership fee earn its keep by displaying both the words and the logo of these professional collegiate groups on all of your promotional materials, including your website and business cards.  You may even be able to negotiate a reciprocal arrangement to have your company’s logo and website linked to those of the professional association, and vice versa, which in turn may lead to new sales leads.

Importantly, if your business owns its own intellectual property, or has undergone quality assurance processes, or has a rating provided by independent auditors; positive ratings of this kind add increased credibility to your brand and can single you out from your competitors, who may have the same accreditations as yours, but have not made the strategic decision to publicise these connections.

If your business is not already a member of such a group for your industry per se, it might be worthwhile seeking out the local chapter of a business chamber for your local area/city/State, or to find a chamber of commerce that promotes export/import relationships with a country whose market you want to connect with.  In addition to the intrinsic endorsement, these linkages can provide excellent opportunities for networking and professional development.

So, in short, toot your own horn, and let the sound of all of your third party endorsements chime in for the chorus.

Yours in PR,

Publicity Queen


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  1. Hampers Said:

    Having your brand included on a gift hamper at an event or occasion is crucial and so often we are the first to offer the service, not the paying client.

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