Search Terms Gone Mad – Don’t Overdo it!

When in the planning stages of our family holiday, I began with some web-searching of providers of motorhomes (oh YES, the royal PR family is going glamping!).  I was only at the initial stages of my research, looking for information on the different kinds of motorhomes available, what luxuries they do and don’t have, their layout etc, and in so doing I came across one website in particular that was so geared towards internet search terms that the site was totally ‘unfriendly’ to use.

I won’t dob in the company, but one entire column of their website was an exhaustive list of internet search terms (honestly, it was soooo obvious it was awful!), and the site was so heavily geared toward this, that it actually failed to provide the information that I needed in order to… wait for it… BOOK THE MOTORHOME!

It got me thinking about the need to use the internet strategically and to keep the intention and purpose uppermost in mind.  Internet findability is certainly important, and many businesses work hard so that their site is among the first 10 ‘hits’ on Google or the search engine of choice, but then what?

Unless your ‘landing page’ propels your site visitor from ‘click’ to ‘purchase’ in a logical and quick process, all your effort is in vain.  To borrow the advice of David Meerman Scott, in his book “The New Rules of Marketing and PR”, your site needs to be written from the point of view of a potential customer – the buyer persona as he calls it – what do they need to know to make their purchase, and generate their site visit into a sale as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Be careful, don’t get soooo caught-up in SEO and SEM, that you actually compromise the layout and user-friendliness of your website.  Don’t forget WHY we  have websites in the first place.  Get found, absolutely… but get sales – YES!

Yours in PR

Publicity Queen


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