PowerBoards – Advise and Inspire

Ruth Medd, Chair, Women on Boards

I recently returned from the Women on Boards breakfast, where convenor Ruth Medd gave some great insights into harnessing the power of Boards – specifically Boards of Directors, and Advisory Boards.

I am a firm believer, personally, in the power of advisory boards for small-to-medium enterprises.  Here at Publicity Queen, we have our own in-house ‘brains trust’ whom I formally meet on a monthly basis for strategic input about corporate direction. Each of my Advisory Board members brings a unique set of skills to my business and their ideas, advice and expertise has proven to be invaluable to Publicity Queen.

Beyond these scheduled meetings, I have also called upon my advisors when I have faced difficult business decisions.  Recently I had the opportunity to take on a new client, but had concerns about their potential ‘fit’ within our organisation.  Having talked it over with the advisors I felt strengthened in my own intuitive decision to forego a potentially lucrative contract that nevertheless was a poor match for our client mix and would not mesh with our corporate culture.  My advisors talked me through this decision and with their insight I felt affirmed that I was making the right call.

Ruth says that enlisting the help of an advisory board can provide a ‘moral compass’ for business, and bring a degree of intellectual rigour to discussions on important issues.

She says the key to Advisory Boards is to choose the correct people, those with a good and varied mix of both skills and experience who work in a collegiate fashion.  When recruiting Board members, think about your business, and focus on the areas in which you want to see future growth, and/or where you require some additional support – be it in finance, PR, sales or IT.  You will know when you have the right mix if you could name off the top of your head five or six professionals who, if you had the resources, you would hire as a consultant to coach or guide your business.

Advisory Boards, when they work well, provide invaluable insights.   So choose wisely, think strategically and long-term, and the benefits of recruiting your own ‘brains trust’ will soon flow.

Yours in PR

Publicity Queen



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  2. […] readers of my blog will know, I am an affirmed believer in the capacity of Advisory Boards to deliver transformative […]

  3. […] regular readers of my blog will know, I am an affirmed believer in the capacity of Advisory Boards to deliver transformative […]

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