Make Sure All Roads Lead to Your Website

Securing  domain names is a key PR tip that enables you to dramatically increase your online ‘findability’ – I actually equate your domain holdings with the asset class of property because securing domain names is similar to securing internet real estate.

There are a few considerations to keep in mind…

When choosing your primary domain, the age old principles of common sense apply. What you are hoping for is that at the time someone is ready to use the products or services offered by your organisation, they can find you easily, contact you, and buy from you.

The other key recommendation that we always make to clients is to secure the version of your chosen domains – this is important from a branding perspective, but more so in terms of being readily found as Australian internet users, in the first instance, look for a site.

In our fast-paced and hectic lives, we may only hear a snippet of a tv commercial or recall part of the name of an advertisement that we see or from a word-of-mouth recommendation, so when reserving your internet domain, make sure you maximise your chances of being found.

So, if all someone remembered from an advertisement was ‘Paddington Plumbing’, it is important to cover all bases when attracting those vital sales leads and potential clients.  You would reserve but also or maybe as well.  You get the idea…

My strong recommendation is that you stake out the internet real estate that covers all of the likely computations on how your company’s website MIGHT be searched.

Another important element is to secure domain names that help reduce the risk of  a competitor setting-up-shop with a similar brand concept – for example, I not only have, I also have

Then, once you have purchased those domains, be sure to redirect them to your website, and be vigilant in testing those referral pages over time to make sure the redirects are active.

But think creatively, too. Don’t just capture all the like mis-spells and approximations of your company’s name – go for categories too. In my case, we own and several other domains that business owners may key in intuitively when looking for a PR company in our locations.

By following these guidelines hopefully you will get more clicks, and from the clicks will come sales.

Yours in PR,

Publicity Queen


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