Profile of a Blogger and How to Reach Them

Here at Publicity Queen we have been giving some thought to blogging, and what better place to do it than here, inside our very own PQ Blog.

Specifically, we were wondering just who are the bloggers, and in our research came across some very interesting findings…

Our friends at Flowtown have released a fascinating report that outlines the profile of a blogger – and here are the major findings:

  • There are currently almost 144,000 blogs on the internet worldwide
  • 67% of bloggers are male
  • 29% are aged 25-34, and a further 25% are aged 35-44
  • 44% are university graduates
  • Worldwide, 48% of all bloggers are in the US, 26% are in Europe, with only 10% in the Asia-Pacific

Importantly, to answer the question about just how much $$ do blogs generate for the bloggers… for bloggers who are self-employed, on average, blogs generate US$120,000 per annum.

To read the Flowtown report in full, complete with a nice graphic representation of the results, click here.

So, what can we take from all of this…

Our region, Australia and Asia-Pacific, is under-represented in the blogosphere as a whole, and following Adam Smith’s law of scarcity, localised content about your local market therefore has an increased value.

So how do you reach bloggers and get your message across?  Now that we know who the bloggers are, be aware that you are primarily pitching your message to well-educated folks who are self-employed, and your content to get good cut through needs to be:

a) timely
b) clever
c) innovative/new.

Importantly, be aware messages that are obviously just blog-formatted advertisements or unaltered media messages, WILL NOT GET PICKED UP.  Bloggers are by nature highly intelligent, cynical and not easily impressed.  Your blog needs to be authentic, original and ADD VALUE.  It needs to tell people something new, save someone time or money, or solve a problem for them.

Solving a problem could mean – where do I find a supplier for this, or how can I decide between this car or that one.  Regular blogging over time, with quality and insightful content, will build the brand of your blog so that you develop a regular following, your posts will be re-tweeted to others, thereby building concentric circles of authenticity for you, and thereby for your brand.

Note to self – let’s make sure we here at PQ are living up to our own standards!  I hope so…

Your in PR

Publicity Queen


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  1. James Said:

    Hey PQ, I picked this post up in my WotNews feed, good work. But where are your retweet and share buttons? Nice post, informative & just the right length. Subscribed.

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