LinkedIn Now Harnesses the Power of Brands

Here at Publicity Queen we keep a keen eye open on the latest in social networks as they effect business, and were intrigued by the latest offering from our friends at LinkedIn, who recently launched ‘Company Pages’.

This new feature encourages the site’s 80 million-plus members worldwide to search for and find brands they know and use, and has the potential to enlist a whole army of brand ambassadors, posting product reviews and services on their profiles.  They keyword here is ‘credibility’ – if you receive an endorsement of a brand and its product or service through a trusted network colleague, this is a powerful advertisement indeed.

The existing features of LinkedIn can be used to good effect, such as making recommendations, posting reviews, members can recommend brands to their existing network of contacts.  By searching for and finding a business, you are also able to view which LinkedIn professionals work for that company, and if you want an introduction, it is a more strategic entree than just cold-calling. 

So, it might be worthwhile spending the time to invest in your business’ Company Page on Linked In, to go beyond just contact info and details of your employees, to list what services and products you offer, and invite reviews and endorsements.  You never know what opportunities it might unlock for your business!

Publicity QueenYours in PR,


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