Behind the Scenes – Watch How TV News is Made

Part of the work we do at Publicity Queen is to generate media coverage for our clients, including broadcast media and television news.  There are many strategies we deploy in order to generate TV coverage, including developing a strong network of useful contacts including News Directors, Chiefs of Staff, Producers and Reporters, and sending them timely and interesting story ideas.

In order to better understand just how TV news works, I recently came across an interactive live stream Q&A session with the Channel 9 News team that was broadcast on YouTube.  By listening in to the questions posed by the audience and watching the answers from the presenters, there are great insights into about the processes that go on behind and in front of the camera.  

Congrats to Channel 9 for setting this up, it is a good example of how digital and free to air media can work seamlessly with social media – the presenter of the programme, Rob McKnight listed his Twitter hashtag (@Rob_McKnight) at the start of the broadcast, and then used questions sent in by Twitterers and Facebook fans that were answered live on air.  The increasing integration of these different media channels is definitely the way of the future.

PR agencies who are on the cutting edge are embracing these new technologies, and choosing to ‘follow’ media outlets on Twitter to read about the stories they are covering, and the more proactive ones are using it to pitch story ideas and suggest talent for interviews.

Don’t make the mistake of being overwhelmed by this technology.  There is merit in spreading your media message across as many channels as possible – print, broadcast, digital, online all have their own audiences and potential to reach your target market.  In the case of TV, it has its own dynamics as a medium, and it is worthwhile investing some time in understanding how TV news is made, how to contact them, how to attract their attention and to make it as easy for them as possible to cover your breaking story.

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