Publicity Queen Gets Front Cover of mX

Is that sleigh bells I hear, or the sweet chime of success as Publicity Queen scoops another front page for one of our clients.  This time it was for the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal, for which Publicity Queen manages the Queensland and Victorian campaigns.

Inspired by Australian Oscar-winning costume designer Lizzie Gardiner, who famously wore a dress made entirely of gold American Express Cards, yesterday’s edition of mX featured a young model clad only (well mostly!) in Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal gift tags.  The striking outfit, matched perfectly with a day-glo red wig, was put together by Melbourne designer Martina Lucinda.

This is just the kind of striking visual that editors love, and helped us to secure front page news in this daily publication that is read by the busy commuters as they head home from work.  According to mX, their three publications reach 757,000 people every weekday across the eastern seaboard of Australia, in Melbourne alone, an article like this one would be read by an average of 304,000 people.  The estimated advertising value equivalent for this article alone would be in excess of $30,000.

This is the THIRD FRONT COVER Publicity Queen has secured this year!  We got the front cover of The Courier Mail in April for Property Pursuit, front cover of City News for Sirromet in July and now front cover of mX for Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal in December.  Wahooooo!  And the year before we had the all-time PR coup of getting a front cover of The Australian Financial Review!

To find out how Publicity Queen can generate this kind of stellar coverage for your business, contact us.

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