Don’t Get Twitter-pated. Aggregate and ‘Twiangulate’ for Best Effect

Publicity Queen on TwitterThere is no doubting the potential usefulness of Twitter for business.  When used correctly it can be a powerful, timely and intimate way to reach out to your partners, suppliers and customer base.

It can, however, be a little disconcerting at times, particularly when you are first starting out, Twittering away into the great digital unknown wondering who will read them, and exactly how to get more followers and make a greater impact, and find those key decision makers and thought leaders that you want to be re-tweeting your nuggets of inspiration.

Don’t despair and get all Twitter-pated (I borrowed this term from the delightful owl in Walt Disney’s Bambi, who was 70+ years ahead of his time when he coined that phrase in 1940), because there is a way to leverage Twitter so that it can be indexed, searched and optimised so that your little droplets of Twitter gold don’t go undiscovered.

Just as Blogs are indexed through tools such as, a similar phenomenon is now taking place in the Twittersphere, and the top Twitter directories I have discovered, per kind favour of Bill Stoller, the self-confessed Publicity Insider are listed here for your information.

1. Twibs  is a directory that enables users to search for, find and list businesses that tweet.  
2. A site that lets you search for users and businesses by hashtag
3. We Follow groups users together by tags
4. Just Tweet It A user powered directory, basically, choose a category and search (or add yourself).
5. TweetWorks Takes discussions and makes them public or private without the use of hashtags
6. Twellow Yellow Pages for Twitter
7. Tweet Find comprehensive Twitter directory
8. My Twitter Directory with very useful category tools
9. Twiangulate An interesting site that allows you to search who others follow, compare followers

I trust all of you Tweet-a-holics, and even those Tweet-virgins amongst us will find this useful. And please don’t be shy… my Twitter details are at the top of this blogpost, so come follow me, let’s Twitter up a storm.

Publicity QueenYours in PR,


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