Creative Signature Blocks – Leave an Impression


I have watched with interest the evolution of the humble signature block.  This small entry of text at the end of an email that was really designed to provide the reader of your email with contact info so that they could reply to you – the equivalent of a letterhead on a piece of correspondence.

Recently I have noticed colleagues and friends are being far more creative in what they put in their signature blocks. Aaron Hendershot from Snap Printing first introduced me to adding buttons into my email so that I could have people click to link directly with me on Linked In.  Love that!

The Growth Faculty have gone one step further, with buttons to connect to their own online presence on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

More recently, Tracey Montgomery from Pure Source Recruitment, showed great flair when in her signoff she listed the four people (living or not) that she would invite to dinner, her favourite winter warmer and the song that instantly makes her feel better when she hears it.  By doing so, Tracey has given all of us an insight into her as a person, and a way of connecting that goes far beyond reading her bio.

I am ruminating myself about how to change my own signature block so that it reflects who I am, who Publicity Queen is as a company, and using signature blocks both in terms of increasing functionality for building an online  network as well as providing insights that trigger real moments of human connection.

Publicity QueenYours in PR,



  1. Annie Sen Said:

    Great piece and definitely something I will be thinking about myself!!

  2. Great piece indeed. I definitely believe the signature is a valuable tool for engaging clients. There is something to be said about gracefully walking the line between presenting relevant resources in an eye pleasing manner and cramming in a pretentious jumble of links and crass self promotion on the bottom of an e-mail. One of my favorite websites, The Oatmeal, adresses this subject quite humorously here:

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