Sally Romano ‘Sells Dreams’ in Herald Sun

Earlier this week I wrote to you all about the power of third party endorsements in peer reviews and industry publications.

Well, what a difference a few days can make, and today I am very proud to report that I was featured in the highly-regarded Herald Sun in their business news section, in an article entitled Selling Dreams (pictured above).

In the article, Paula Beauchamp interviewed me about how Publicity Queen has grown exponentially since I first hung out the shingle, so as to speak, in 2002; to the point now where we are able to be highly selective about the clients we choose to represent.

In particular, I was delighted that Paula interviewed one of my newest clients, Michael Atwell of, for whom Publicity Queen has, after only a few weeks representing them, secured some impressive media coverage.

Michael was featured in the property section of the Sunday edition of the Herald Sun on 28 August and previously on 21 August in Perth’s Sunday Times.

Michael, in yesterday’s interview, said that his company had already profited from the exposure he had received so far for his business.  And, in the words of Aussie rock goddess Deb Conway: “It’s only the beginning!”

I look forward to continuing our collaboration with and all of our other treasured clients, and continuing to drive excellent media coverage for them, because – and this is important – their success, in turn, enables our success and is proof positive of the power of PR to drive growth for business.

Publicity QueenYours in PR,


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