TEDX Comes to Brisbane!

TEDX is coming to Brisbane in October, and I am thrilled to advise that I have been invited to attend.

This forthcoming event, which will be held at the State Library of Queensland on Saturday 1 October 2011, and is a subsidary of event of the parent organisation, TED, which is a not-for-profit entity that exists in order to capture the very latest and most innovative and future-focussed ideas available today and disseminates them for free via their hosted events and their website: www.ted.com

What’s fascinating to me is the buzz surrounding TEDX Brisbane 2011, which is being organised by MAP Magazine’s Carl Lindgren, is such a sought-after event, with fierce competition for attendance, despite the fact that as yet the list of speakers for the event has not been publicised.

So, who would want a ticket for a day-long seminar at an event without advance notice of the speakers or of the topics? Me, I would, and so to will all the other folks in Brisbane who have also been lucky enough to receive our modern-day version of a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket to the greatest mind-fest to reach our fair city in some time.

How does TED do it? How does it generate this much interest for an event for which the details are still sketchy?  The answer to this lies in the extraordinary back-catalogue of content that has arisen from previous TED events, the most inspiring of which are freely available from the TED website.

Regular readers of Publicity Queen’s e-magazine, Queentessentials, will know that we regularly feature webcasts recorded by TED, as – is stated on TED’s own site – these are ideas WORTH SHARING.

For those of you also lucky enough to have received a golden ticket to TEDX Brisbane 2011, I hope to see you there on the day, and if not, keep watching this blog for my new epiphanies that I will share in October after the event has been and gone.

Publicity QueenYours in PR,



  1. See you there !

  2. Felicia Shay Said:

    I know I am totally rapt! Can’t wait!

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