Media and Marketing Full of Whingers?

Evening all!  It was reported today that there are certain professions that are full of whingers, and it surprised me to read that two of the professions listed are close to my work in PR, namely in media and marketing.

A recent survey has found that moaning co-workers, boredom, lack of training and acknowledgement for good work are among the top grievances cited by unhappy Australians.  Working long hours and having too much to do also rated highly among disgruntled staff.

The survey, conducted by training organisation Upskilled, revealed those less likely to complain about the workplace worked on a farm on in a legal environment.

Among workers’ wish list for a happier career are getting more recognition (30 per cent), being able to work from home (27 per cent) and getting more support from the boss (20 per cent).

Surprisingly massages rated more highly than a bar or gym, with one in five workers, or 18 per cent of people quizzed, saying it would help lift morale in the workplace while almost half of all workers wanted to see a reward system introduced into their jobs.

Among those surveyed, travel and tourism operators said their biggest gripe was boredom (66 per cent) while architects cited having too much to do (50 per cent).

For those in event management having an unsupportive boss was their biggest concern (50 per cent) but for sales staff it was decisions being made behind their back (42 per cent).

Director of Upskilled, Mark Sexty said the research showed employers needed to sit up and take notice of issues that made valued members of staff miserable.

“Employers may not control every single aspect of the working environment, but they can make sure they are offering adequate training and providing acknowledgement for achievements within the workplace, in order to keep staff happy and motivated,” he said.

What do you do to keep your workplace happy? For us, we celebrate our ‘wins’ and our anniversaries, we socialise, share photos and funny stories and pat each other on the back when we have success. And we eat chocolate! Let us know your tips for keeping the whingeing at bay.

Yours in PR,


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