The Power of Syndication

Even though I have been working in the field of PR for many years, every so often, I get a reminder about the effectiveness of certain strategies and how just one story appearing in a mainstream newspaper can cause a media sensation.  This month, I got a refresher lesson in the power of syndication in major newspapers to give excellent ROI.

Earlier this month we were successful in assisting our client, Wesley Weight Management, in profiling one of their many successful clients and her weight loss success.  Kim Balke (pictured left) was one of several people featured in a story “My Mid-Life Crisis Was a Blessing“, and appeared in the Body and Soul feature section in the Sunday newspaper feature for no fewer than seven major metro titles.

This development was such a pleasing result for our client, and reinforced in my mind the power of newspaper syndication as a tool for spreading a story nationally that began in just one city.  Kim’s story appeared in the Daily Telegraph (Sydney); Herald Sun (Melbourne); Sunday Mail (Brisbane); Sunday Territorian (Darwin); and Sunday Mail in both Perth and Adelaide.  In addition, it appeared on the News Ltd’s influential website as well as other regional websites.

These successes do not come easily, and this result was the culmination of much hard work by Publicity Queen in collaboration with Wesley Weight Management, but the result was beyond our expectations.

So, what can we learn from this? In newspaper markets like that in Australia, which is highly centralised, and in which syndication and copy sharing are widespread, there is a golden opportunity to give a story a life beyond its initial printing, if you target a media group rather than just one title; such as the News Ltd group, Fairfax, and there are similar amplification (pardon the pun!) effects that can be achieved through having a story picked up by a radio network, or through television.

As always, it is the appeal of the story in the first place that will determine its success.  Pitching a story the right way is important, but providing content that people actually want to know about, that’s the ticket.  Searching out those story ideas should be at top of mind importance for all managers if they want to get their business greater exposure.

Yours in PR,


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