How To Add Your Business on Google+

The encroachment of social media into the world of business seems never-ending.  We are now on Twitter, we are all connecting via Linked In, and those of us who specialise in B2C are getting results on Facebook.  It seems the folks at Google have decided that their experiment with the social side of Google+ has worked and have expanded their brand to Google+ For Business.

Initially there were some concerns in both the tech and business community about whether or not another social media channel was viable (or even desirable?) but it seems the experiment has worked.  Even my social media marketing guru David Meerman Scott have it his reluctant thumbs up.

So, the question is, how do you develop a presence for your business on Google+?

Here’s where the helpful folk at Skipser have done the hard work for you.  Click here to read their easily digestable instructions on how to bring you business to the Google+ table.

As with Linked In and other platforms of this kind, if it is to be taken seriously and used to good effect, you do need to devote resources to building your presence and adding both people and organisations to your ‘circles’, but is it worthwhile.  In a word, yes.  Its value is both intrinsic and explicit – if it assists you in finding just one sales lead, it will pay for itself, and the intrinsic value rests in that if you pride your business on being edgy, innovative and forward thinking, you can’t afford NOT to be there.

I look forward to building our Google+ presence, and please feel free to add me to your circles!

Yours in PR,




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