So Just Who Are the Biggest Twits in Australia?

Measuring the number of followers that someone has on Twitter has become something of a benchmark, not just of their popularity or their measure of ‘connectedness’ and digital savvy, but also of that most precious commodity, INFLUENCE.  In this case, their influence has been measured by a new social media company, Klout, who for want of a better word measures their… clout, of course!

News Lt’s Technology section posted some fascinating news today about Australia’s biggest Twits, by which we mean the Twitterers with the greatest influence , in the fields of television, politics and sport.

The top five from each category, in descending order of their ‘klout’ scores, were:

1. @Wil_Anderson (lately of Gruen Planet, ABCTV)
2. @linc_lews (star of Home and Away, Ch7)
3. @ChrissieSwan (of Ten Network’s The Circle)
4. @Lisa_Wilkinson (of Ch9’s Today show)
5. @Kochie_online (David Koch of Sunrise, Ch7).

1. @JuliaGillard (Prime Minister)
2. @KRuddMP (Minister for Foreign Affairs)
3. @TonyAbbottMHR (Leader of the Opposition)
4. @JoeHockey (Opposition Spokesman for Finance)
5. @KKeneally (former Premier of NSW)

1. @Warne888 (Shane Warne, former cricketer)
2. @AndrewMBogut (basketball player currently in the American NBA)
3. @MClarke23 (Michael Clarke, captain of the Australian cricket team)
4. @GlennMcGrath11 (former fast bowler for Australian cricket team)
5. @AussieGrit (MarkWebber – Formula One racing driver for Red Bull)

And here’s my tip – if you really want to expand your Twitter readership, try to reach the following of these serial Twits – if you Tweet successfully to a celebrity, you may encourage them to follow you, and to ‘retweet’ your tweets, which means that your tweets will be read by their readership, which can number into the millions in some cases.  Often times you will see faithful followers of those with ‘klout’ requesting a re-tweet for such announcements as marriage proposals or new babies being born.

Best of luck in developing your own measure of ‘klout’!

Yours in PR,


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