Say No to Naff and Make Your Gift Giving Work for Your Business

If your business is anything like mine; you or someone on your staff is currently sourcing corporate Christmas gifts for this year for your best customers, clients, associates and partners and employees.  With this in mind, it is worth investing some time and careful thought into what your corporate gift-giving says about you, and what kind of culture do you inspire in your organisation.

I could go on at some length about the paucity of pressies I have received at office Kris Kringles in the past (although not from Publicity Queen, we all have impeccable taste!) but at one workplace in particular, the same crappy egg-shell blue mug was recycled during at least three consecutive Christmases until it became the running joke of the office about who would receive “that thing!”  Hardly the festive spirit is it, really?

This ‘recycling’ has become a discernible trend.  The Sydney Morning Herald revealed at this time last year that ebay was flooded with unwanted Christmas gifts each year, which shows enterprise in equal measure with ingratitude.

Research done by the Australia Council revealed that rather than receive a ‘naff’ present in the office Christmas Kringle exchange, by far the majority of Australians would rather a charitable donation was made in their name.  What a superb idea!  The giver gets a tax deduction, the charity receives valuable funds, and yet another useless gift will not, for once, end up in landfill.

We echo the sentiments of UNICEF (whose image we have borrowed for this blog entry) about saying NO to naff presents this Christmas.

If you are looking for suggestions of where your money could very usefully be spent, I have two terrific ones for you.  At Publicity Queen we proudly support the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal, which was launched nationally today.  Last year’s Appeal collected over 500,000 gifts for needy Australian families.  To support this worthwhile cause, visit any Kmart store around Australia and purchase a gift for any value and designate the age-range for the recipient and a tag will be placed on the Wishing Trees in the store, and then distributed by the Salvation Army.

In addition, for Victorian readers, we are long-time supporters of Animal Aid, based in Coldstream, who do remarkable work to assist animals who need rescue and emergency medical care, and find homes for abandoned pets.

I encourage all of you to make your corporate giving count, and use it as an opportunity to inspire your staff and loved ones, by harnessing the true spirit of the season.

Yours in PR,



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