Musical and Sporting Stars Shine in Support of Needy Australians

Yesterday the stars of Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s latest musical creation, Love Never Dies, were the very first Victorians to give gifts for needy Australians at the launch of the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal.

Pictured here are leading cast members, Ben Lewis and Anna O’Byrne, who with the entire cast of the show, who have led by example in making a donation to the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal part of their own Christmas experience.

Meanwhile, in Brisbane, all political considerations were put aside as LNP candidate for the seat of Ashgrove, Campbell Newman, competed with Queensland Reds ruby union star Beau Robinson in a light-hearted competition to be the very first Queenslander to give a gift in the Sunshine State in 2011.

This is the 3rd year that Publicity Queen has worked closely with Kmart to launch the Appeal in the states of Queensland and Victoria, and all involved are very optimistic that the Appeal will top last year’s record-breaking result of 464,000 gifts collected and distributed by the Salvation Army.

Yours in PR,


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