TGIF – #FF! Twitter Friends Give Thanks on Fridays

It’s Friday… yay!  And in addition to the usual reasons for celebrating the end of the week, Twitter has given us all extra reasons to be happy, and indeed to share the love and to give thanks.  There is a now very much entrenched tradition whereby on a Friday, serial Tweeters send out a message where they include the Twitter IDs of all of the people who have been either the most helpful, the most useful, or the most entertaining for the week.

If you have already done your homework, and searched for and collected lots of interesting people for you to follow, what’s fascinating is then to watch whom they choose for their Friday Follow.  You will easily recognise a Friday Follow tweet, because it will appear as a list of IDs and at some place in the tweet message will appear the hashtag “#FF”.

You can read the genesis of Follow Friday here thanks to our friends at Mashable. Despite its relative newness, as is now the way with the latest digital innovations, folks are already measuring the power of influence generated by #FF, and you can review the world’s post popular #FFs on such sites as Top Follow Friday.  It seems no longer does a new idea spawn on Twitter than someone is already trying to measure it and leverage something from it.

So, my #FFs for this week will be @leilamckinnon with whom I shared a mutal confession this week that we both love geeky documentaries, @DeeMadigan from Sprocket for speaking out so bravely this week at the Schizophrenia Research Institute, @LaurieOakes for answering my question about when Kevin Rudd might make another move against the PM, my old friend Greg Thorpe @monkeyred who pulled off the amazing feat this week of having a series he created get picked up for Canadian television, as well as @wishing_tree whose national appeal Publicity Queen helped to launch this week with assistance from the Queensland Reds @redsrugby and Campbell Newman @LNPQLD .

So, my tweet for Follow Friday will look like this: “#FF @leilamckinnon @DeeMadigan @LaurieOakes @monkeyred @wishing_tree @redsrugby @LNPQLD”

So turn that Friday feel good feeling into a Friday Follow, and see what your pay-forward of positive Karma does for you.  Can’t hurt, can it?

Yours in PR,


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