Make Your Presentation Fly With This Early Christmas Prezi

As regular readers of our blog will know, with my right-hand girl by my side, I attended TEDXBrisbane 2011 in October, and it was there that I made my latest inspirational discovery.

While watching the presentations of Paul Osuch from the Anywhere Theatre Festival, and by Ron Gutman on The Hidden Power of Smiling, I was struck by how dynamic and interactive their presentations were.

Like any good detective, I hunted Paul down, had a coffee with him and picked his brains about how he made it.  He very kindly shared with me that he had developed his presentation using a brand new and exciting presentation software/format, Prezi.  Best latte I ever spent!

Unlike conventional Powerpoint presentations that tend to be very linear and run from slide 1 to 2, although with some scope for animation and embedding interesting content, Prezi enables you to make your slides come to life.  You can zoom in and out, navigate the reader through turns to the left and right, include all kinds of media, it really is a quantum change in what is possible.

To view Prezi and watch some sample presentations, visit their website here.  If you are impressed with it, the licensing fee is quite reasonable, and I really feel it could be a total game-changer when next you get up and speak.  If you do follow my advice and start to use Prezi, drop me a line and show me what you have created!

Yours in PR,


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  1. rzitowsky Said:

    Prezi is very powerful software. I would love to learn how to use it.

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