The Devil is in the Detail, Just Ask Jesinta!

This morning the airwaves have been buzzing with the sweet and funny sounds of Julia Morris, who has won Australia’s first Celebrity Apprentice.  The final episode was revealing for many reasons, but interestingly from a PR perspective there were many cautionary lessons in the show including the importance of attention to detail when planning marketing materials.

In the final episode both teams were instructed to create a TVC (television commercial) as well as some posters and flyers about Mark Bouris’ latest venture, Yellow Brick Road.  As everyone who watched the show will know, despite creating the most visually appealing brochure and poster, and the one that bets fit the client’s brief, Jesinta Campbell and Shane Crawford’s team forgot something fairly crucial – the phone number!

To borrow the words of Cuba Gooding Jnr from Jerry Maguire ‘help me, help you’, in this case, help yourself to help clients find you.

Mr Bouris also revealed some interesting insights when he described what he looked for in a flyer or brochure.  He said that when he first made a new connection with someone who impressed him in business that the next thing that he paid attention to was the marketing materials that he walked away with after the meeting.  He said it needed to include the company’s major product/service offering and their contact info needed to be front and centre.

This is salient advice.  Sometimes it can be easy to get lost in building a fancy website and having social-media savvy, but when you make that important connection with someone that could lead to a potential sale or new client, they need something to remember you by, it needs to be professional and it needs to include your contact info.

Tragically, leaving off the company’s phone number cost Jesinta her chance at winning the competition, but it reinforced in my mind that no matter how clever we are, when creating marketing materials, or other important documents, it can be so terribly important to get a fresh pair of eyes to review them.  Sometimes when you are working on something closely, you can miss something, and it can be something important.  Given the cost of designing and printing these items, it can often be a case of  ‘print in haste, repent at leisure’.

Make sure you help yourself by making it as easy as possible for potential sales leads and clients to find you when they are ready to talk turkey.

Yours in PR,


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