When is All Publicity Not Good Publicity?

There is an old saying in the PR game that any publicity is good publicity.  Is in the same vein as a famous quote by Oscar Wilde that the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.

We had proof positive that this old adage couldn’t be more wrong this week, with yet another brainmelt by shock-jock Kyle Sandilands.

While it is true that the media does seek out controversy, and that juicy stories and commentary does both sell newspapers and encourage people to tune in to one radio broadcast more than another, there has now come a point of critical mass at which Mr Sandilands’ antics are now costing broadcaster Southern Cross Austereo big bickies.  News.com.au reports that the value of lost sponsorship through his latest off-colour tirades may exceed $8 million.  Ouch.

Although the announcer did succumb to giving an on-air apology this week, it seems this is just too little too late.  It is a poignant lesson for businesses that need to make astute judgements about which media channels to target, as there are considerations to be made that go far beyond raw numbers as measured by audience ratings.  It is worth knowing what is  the tone of the programme, who is their target audience, and does this equate to a ‘good fit’ for the brand with the channel.

Any PR agency worth their salt will be able to advise you on which media channels would be best to target in order to get you the media coverage you want, and without any potential fallout from out of control on-air talent.  If you need a recommendation on a good PR firm, I know one  😉

Yours in PR


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  1. You’re spot on. And I don’t blame PR firms for people like Kyle Sandilands. Individuals need to take some responsibility. PR firms just manage what the public is interested in.

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