Webpreneur Pioneer Says It Can Be Lonely at the Start

Jeff Taylor, one of the true pioneers of the web entrepreneurship, has shared some fascinating insights ahead of his impending visit to Sydney in less than two weeks.

Taylor, who personally devised and created Monster.com, the world’s first, largest and most successful recruitment and career advice website, says the process of innovation can be a lonely experience.

Speaking from his home town of Boston, Taylor explained that when he first came up with the idea of creating Monster.com, the internet was in its infancy in 1995, and few people understood what he was trying to achieve.

At the time he created his first website, there were only 200 websites available in the world and since then, his model for Monster.com has been successfully copied and adapted the world over and has created nothing short of a complete revolution in how recruitment is done globally.

Despite selling Monster.com for the relatively low price of $900,000 Taylor says he has no regrets, as the sale allowed him the freedom to pursue other entrepreneurial endeavours, including Tributes.com – a website for online obituaries.  Interestingly, Taylor explained that the idea for Tributes.com came to him when reading a newspaper, as the job ads and the obituaries were positioned closely together.

His other recent venture is a social networking site, Eons.com, a new startup business which he has developed as part of a suite of new businesses targetting the baby boomers and seniors market; which is partnered with EonsBoomMedia which is an advertising agency that drives content for consumers aged 45+.

Proving he is man with both ideas and energy in abundance, Taylor has also started a new business: Buffalo.DJ capitalising on the fact that dance music is now monopolising the content on radio, and that professional DJs at the top of their field can earn as much money as professional athletes.  He says this latest endeavour is close to his heart, as Taylor himself has worked as a DJ for over 30 years.

Jeff Taylor, along with fellow business heavyweights Michael Fertik (founder of Reputation.com); business tycoon and media heavyweight Martha Stewart, music industry legend Russell Simmons, and micro-loan innovator and Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus as well as screen legend and human rights activist George Clooney, will visit Sydney in December for the Global Leadership Forum, hosted by The Growth Faculty, and proudly supported by Publicity Queen.

For more information about the Global Leadership Forum, and to book tickets, click here.  For media enquiries about the Global Leadership Forum, including the six speakers who will appear at the event, contact Valerie MacIver: valerie.maciver@publicityqueen.com.au

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