Oh Tweet! What a Year!

Ever wondered what might happen if you aggregated a year’s worth of tweets from around the world and then looked back at what everyone had tweeted for the last 12 months?  Well, British author Kate Bussmann has done just that.  Her new book A Twitter Year is a fascinating rear-window view of just what has had everyone Twitterpated over the past year… it makes for interesting reading.

By far the most interesting and observable trend from a media and PR perspective is the democratisation of news, whereby global citizens, armed just with their mobile phone cameras and a twitter account have reported the news that no-one else could get to – such as the Arab Spring breaking out across the Middle East, and many other news stories.

So many times it has been grainy mobile phone-captured images that first break the story once they have been captured, uploaded and then broadcast around the world, long before the world’s media camera crews could get there.

As well as disseminating news, Twitter has also become a global instant feedback loop, where corporate failures (re: Qantas, BP oil spill in) or personal brainmelts have been met with a resounding, world-wide BOO in the form of Tweets on various topics, the most recent of which as we reported recently related to the onair antics of Kyle Sandilands.

Equally, happy news such as Beyonce’s pregnancy or the most recent royal wedding, got the Twitterspace all in a happy bustle as people shared the love.

Watch this space to see the ever-evolving social media space that is quite literally, changing the way we learn about important local and world events, and how we gauge public opinion on a variety of subjects.

Yours in PR


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