Martha Stewart: How To Build an Empire

Martha Stewart has built a one-woman empire that spans media, publishing, homewares – her signature style has been applied with great care and to great effect across so many industries that she is now like an institution.

Her opinion is sought across the United States and around the world on all matters relating to good taste, and she is a textbook study in how to begin a business driven by personal passion, added with drive, determination and hard work, to create a business profile that is genuinely unique.

What you may not know about Marth Stewart is that she grew up in the working class town of Nutley, New Jersey, and her first chosen profession was actually modelling, who originally considered becoming a historian and an architect and then worked as a stock broker, but found the high-pressure world of finance markets was not her style and returned to her true calling of catering, gardening and homemaking.

Like many women around the world, she took great care and pride in learning about and cooking amazing food, creating a beautiful garden and interior design, but the difference is that Martha found a way to turn those interests first into a thriving publishing career and then ultimately into a billion dollar business.  Before there was Nigella, or Donna Hay, or MasterChef, there was Martha Stewart.

Although her career has not been without controversy, she is the ultimate survivor and still one of the world’s most fascinating and influential women. 

Perhaps her greatest contribution is to lead by example in showing the women of the world that they too can be at the top of the business world.  In a recent interview she said: “I think people who have a real entrepreneurial spirit, who can face difficulties and overcome them, should absolutely follow their desires. It makes for a much more interesting life.”

To see Martha Stewart in person and hear her personal insights on how she built her business empire, there are still tickets available for the Global Leadership Forum that will be held on Monday 12 December 2011.  To book, visit The Growth Faculty’s website at  Limited tickets are still available, so book now to avoid disappointment.

The Global Leadership Forum is proudly supported by Publicity Queen.

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